Five Reasons To Include More Raw Food In Your Diet

By: Katherine Scott

Before humans knew how to boil, fry or bake, they no doubt ate straight from the land, crunching on their celery sticks and crisp chunks of apple. Possibly even eating raw fish and meat. In most cases, eating food in its natural form affords the best absorption of nutrients. We don’t want to suggest that you convert to a fully raw diet (that is your choice) but here are a few reasons why you should be including more raw food in your daily eating plans and "get back to your roots":

1. Improved Digestion

Eating more raw foods places less strain on your digestive system. This is due to the inherent fiber that is found in natural, raw foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and pulses. The fiber helps everything move through your system easily, without getting clogged up by processed ingredients. There is also reason to believe that chewing your food more helps stimulate the digestive system. When eating raw foods that aren’t softened by cooking, there is a lot more chewing going on than normal.

2. Lower Blood Pressure

There is research by the Harvard School of Public Health that backs up the fact that eating a diet that is richer in raw plant-based food will help lower blood pressure. High blood pressure can be fatal in extreme cases, and with the stressful lives that we generally lead today, it’s so important to take any precautions to keep our blood pressure normalized.

3. Weight Control

If you battle with your weight, eating more raw foods can help you counter that. Raw foods such as fruits and vegetables are low in calories and fat content, which means that you can munch on them all day long and not pick up weight like you would if you were eating burgers or fries all day. Plus, eating raw foods will also satiate your appetite, leaving you feeling full, but full of goodness and not from over-eating.

4. Better Absorption Of Enzymes

A lot of enzymes can be lost in the cooking process, which can lead to a less effective absorption of nutrients. This is not the case for all vegetables. Broccoli, for example, releases more nutrients after being steamed. Boiling vegetables tends to lead to a loss of nutrients and in most cases, eating them raw will give you the full benefit of all the enzymes hidden inside these whole foods.

5. Skin Improvement

Raw foods have a naturally high content of water, especially fruits and vegetables. This water content will help hydrate your skin and plump it up with nature’s best moisture. Essentially this is hydrating internally – same as drinking water – which can be visible immediately on the surface of the skin. A lot of water content is lost in the cooking process, so eating foods raw will definitely have more benefit for your skin as opposed to cooking.

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Katherine Stott is a digital content writer from South Africa, with a passion for yoga, fitness, board sports and incorporating wellness into every day. She writes for multiple sources, including her own website, The Physical Evolution, as well as other local businesses in the health, wellness and fitness industries, such as Switch Playground fitness gyms.

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