Feel Good Perspectives from 3 of today's Influential Celebrities

By: Sydney Rollins

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that celebrities are human. They work long hours and are constantly on the go, yet they still manage to look incredible every time they’re under the spotlight. Still, they have limits, and everyone has a perspective on how to handle everything effectively. As each celebrity below demonstrates, they have plenty of wisdom to share for others looking to achieve their own wellness and career goals. Take a page out of these influential women’s books and see how they approach fitness, eating well, and loving themselves.

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1. Scarlett Johansson: "The cheat meal doesn’t exist" …if you’re focused and dedicated. The Avengers: Infinity War star has been under the public eye for decades now, and has no shortage of experience in her many headlining roles. It is no secret that the award-winning actress has one of the most amazing physiques in the industry, something that she credits to hard work and dedication. Johansson told E! Online that the cycle of working long days, sleeping well, and eating clean tends to be the routine for her when she’s filming. This is something that helps keep her focus. When she’s in this zone, there’s no such thing as a cheat meal, because she deserves a slice of chocolate cake after all that hard work! Avoid diets that starve you and workouts that exhaust you too much. Find what works and do everything in moderation. Treat yourself well, and the results are bound to show.

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2. Jessica Alba: "Kindness looks good on you" An actress and mom of three, Jessica Alba is the founder of wellness company Honest Beauty. The organization is dedicated to safe, eco-friendly, and cruelty-free beauty products that aim to contribute to the next generation of female leaders. Alba is very vocal about the causes she and her company work for, believing that kindness brings out the best in people in many ways. Like Johansson, Alba has been in the spotlight for decades now on critically acclaimed television shows like Dark Angel and blockbuster films like Fantastic Four. Her workout secret? Being around other people. Working out with friends helps you be accountable and do well in hot yoga or spinning classes. For wellness in general, Alba’s best advice to her daughters – and to us, by extension – is that being happy, healthy, and confident will always be beautiful.

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3. Gal Gadot: "Be fully present" Gal Gadot’s workout regimen is no joke, as she is known to work out for six whole hours everyday — a monumental task for us, but just a part of the day’s work for Wonder Woman. To be one of the world’s most powerful superheroes, Gadot had a combination of strength training, fight choreography, martial arts, and horseback riding. In addition, her diet is something that’s remarkably like a normal person’s. Gal Gadot is a foodie and loves vegetables and fish, often having a plate of half of each. For her, it’s important to “experience food, but at the same time look at food as fuel.” She says, “It’s all a matter of measurements and quantity of food… just give the food the respect and give yourself the respect to enjoy it.” Here at Ease To Wellness, we understand the importance of mindfulness, which you can apply outside of meditation and eating every day. Like Gadot, give the things in your life the respect and space they deserve, and the blessings will come back. Having inspiring and relatable women to emulate in Hollywood can be very empowering. Strength can manifest in a variety of ways and, like beauty, it's as diverse as the women you can take inspiration from. There is much to emulate and be excited about especially with the likes of Johansson, Alba, and Gadot who are three superheroes on and off screen. They remind fans of the characters they admire, not just for their powers, but for very human qualities such as strength of will, positivity, and courage. This effect, while already beneficial, even goes both ways. When people see the characters they embody, whether in film or other forms of media, they are reminded of the feel-good approach to life and wellness of the actors/actresses. It's a widespread impact, considering that audiences can easily remember the personalities even only from seeing similar figures. A lot of games on the Slingo platform are reminiscent of female superheroes, with titles like Black Widow and Amazon Queen having striking similarities to Marvel's Natasha Romanoff and DC's Diana Prince, respectively. The imagery and themes of related superheroes - and, inextricably, the amazing individuals who play them - serve as a reminder of the strength, resilience, and inner beauty of these women in real life. The best part is that the perspectives they share can be applied in every aspect of life. Things like moderation, kindness and appreciation of what you have are among the pillars of happiness and overall wellbeing.

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Author Bio: Sydney W. Rollins is an artist by day and writer by night in Atlanta, Georgia. With a love of all things pop culture, Sydney loves making art about contemporary issues and writing about wellness and mindful living. When she’s not working, Sydney enjoys playing the ukulele and taking long walks.

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