7 Hot Chocolate Recipes to Love

By: Dr. Francesca Vazquez

Christmas time has finally arrived and whether you live in Boston, Maine, California, Florida, or Puerto Rico, nothing beats a warm cup of hot cocoa by the lit Christmas tree on a late December night. We've rounded up a few of our favorite hot chocolate recipes, to match every one's preferences!

Cozy up and enjoy!

1. Super Creamy Vegan Hot Chocolate

Source: Veggie and the Beast Feast

2. Easy Hot Cocoa from Scratch

Source: Baking a Moment

3. Homemade White Hot Chocolate

Source: Celebrating Sweets

4. Belgian Hot Chocolate Recipe

Source: Busy Creating Memories

5. Ease Homemade Vegan Chocolate & Instant Hot Chocolate

Source: Oh she Glows

6. Nutella Hot Chocolate

Source: Cafe Delites

7. Coconut Hot Chocolate Recipe

Source: She wears many hats

We hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we do! Happy Holidays!

About Author:

Dr. Francesca Vazquez is the founder and editor of Ease to Wellness, LLC. She is a licensed health psychologist and vinyasa yoga instructor based in Miami, FL. She completed her training at Ponce School of Medicine, Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami, and UF Health Cancer Center, specializing in health psychology & behavioral medicine. She has worked in spinal cord injury rehab, neuropsychology, pain management, stress management, mindfulness based stress reduction, psycho-oncology and wellness coaching. She is passionate about writing, wellness and living creatively, doing what you love.


Currently, she runs Ease to Wellness while also providing health psychology services for exclusive clients, teaching yoga, and running wellness workshops. She is a regular contributor for websites such as www.mindbodygreen.com and a Medical Consulting Staff Member at HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital in Miami, FL.

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