3 tips to get the most out of your Vitamin C rich foods

By: Jack Feakes

We have previously broken down the benefits of Vitamin C rich foods on disease prevention and healing. Obtaining our vitamin C from natural sources such as that contained in fruits and vegetables is the optimal way to boost our immune system. Your body’s ability to utilize Vitamin C from fresh fruit and vegetables is partially dependent on the way that they are prepared.

Here are 3 tips to maximize the benefits of vitamin C rich foods!

1. Eat them raw

Do not cook your food to get the most C! Vitamin C reacts to heat and oxygenation. This means that to get the most Vitamin C from one of these vitamin c rich foods, you should consume them raw. Fortunately, most of those listed are fruits we don't tend to cook anyway!

2. Juice vitamin C rich foods

One of the advantages supplements have over Vitamin C rich foods is that it requires less volume. You may need to eat cups of fruits and veggies to get the same high dose of vitamin C that you can get from one tablet. However, juicing enables you to consume more servings of fruits and vegetables in one sitting. Juice grapefruit, kiwi, kohlrabi and its greens with some oranges and you will have one Vitamin C packed juice!

Juicing breaks down the cell walls within fruit and vegetables making the vitamins and nutrients they store much more available to your system.

3. For maximum benefits, consume immediately

Juicing comes with a caveat. Most vitamin and minerals will start to degrade fairly quickly after juicing due to oxygenation. This is due to the abovementioned fact that the cell walls break down. For best results, consume juice within twenty minutes of juicing.

Fruit and vegetables like acai berries, oranges, and the ones mentioned in this article offer us the most bioavailable form of Vitamin C. They also provide accompanying nutrients and antioxidants, such as polyphenols that further help our bodies process this important vitamin. For best results, follow the tips provided above!

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