Behind the scenes of Philosophie! With Founder: Sophie Jaffe

By: Dr. Francesca Vazquez

Meet Sophie Jaffe, a raw food nutritionist and raw food chef based in Los Angeles, California. She is also a yoga instructor, mom of 2, the founder of superfood brand: Philosophie and a total superstar in the wellness world! Sophie immediately called our attention through her Instagram feed and mission, as she shared glimpses of her daily life as a mom, wife, entrepreneur and yogi. Her authenticity comes through in her pictures and in what she shares on a daily basis, making her an undeniable match with Ease To Wellness!

We had a beautiful talk with Sophie and discussed everything from the creation of her Philosophie products to how she manages anxiety!

Ease to Wellness (ETW): HI Sophie! Thank you so much for being here with us and collaborating with us for this piece.

Let’s talk about Philosophie, your superfood brand. Tell us a little bit about it!

Sophie: Thank you for having me! Well, Philosophie is a superfood company that started with superfood powders, originally created in order to provide this convenience for my clients. Nothing like it existed when I decided to launch it and it still doesn’t exist!

Ease to Wellness (ETW): How did it all start?

Sophie: I was going to one of the most expensive health food stores in LA, it’s like Whole Foods on crack (Erewhon Market), and I was buying products for my clients and myself. I was getting these superfoods off the shelf and mixing them together to make a plant based protein and a superfood blend that made sense. I started combining these superfoods and ultimately created 3 separate products: the Cacao Magic, Green Dream and Berry Bliss blends. Everything that’s magical about a chocolate smoothie, everything that I would put in there (every adaptogen I wanted to include, for example) is all in the cacao magic blend, for example.

At the beginning, like I said, I was just buying things off the shelf. Prices were high but people were still buying them. I was selling a pound of superfoods for $175.00 and people bought it. I had everyone buying them, from regular costumers to huge celebrities, because they understood the convenience of it. Then from there, as I grew year by year, I would cut prices and get ingredients in bulk. As time went on, it just organically worked its way out. Now we’re down to $49 a pound! You can find products as low as $14.99.

From there, we created additional products. We added superfoods to coconut butter and honey. So now we have a bunch of products that work for anyone.

Ease to Wellness (ETW): When you started creating Philosophie, did you have kids or was this created before then?

Sophie: I was doing this a little bit before I had the kids. I started packaging the Green Dream right when Kai (my older son) was born. I started selling them in my first store and then it grew from there.

We also created DIY cleanse programs. Those are all created by me. I was creating cleanses for my clients in LA and people in London, for example, were sending me emails saying "oh we really want to try what you’re doing in LA… can you ship it to us?" Of course, I couldn’t send it. That’s when the DIY cleanse programs were born. I kept what was essential, the most magical parts of these cleanses, which came down to the superfoods and the way we eat. So I provide recipes, a guide and superfood blends for anyone interested in these 1 day, 3 day or 10 day cleanses!

Ease to Wellness (ETW): How do you keep your balance throughout this process?

Sophie: It’s always a balancing act. I think Yoga has always tied everything together for me though. I’ve been doing yoga ever since I moved to Los Angeles. And I would say fitness in general. However, if I just go to a spin class and jam my body into positions, it doesn’t always work for me. For the most part, to get that release, it has to be a soulful connection to my body. So that’s why yoga is really great. I also find that connection in other things, like hiking and free-form dancing. And then just really shutting down and going off the grid; turning my phone off. Being connected to my family and to the moment really helps me stay grounded.

Ease to Wellness (ETW): You’re a mom of two. We love how you take your kids to yoga classes and how you’re promoting authenticity and mindfulness in them at such a young age. Tell us a little bit about your experience as a mom and what advice you can give to other moms who are trying to do the same thing with their kids.

Sophie: I would just say, to any mothers out there that are maybe compromising their own selves, that I think we all compromise ourselves at a certain level because we have to. Our little ones come first. But, I think the most important thing to remember is the airplane metaphor: “put your own mask on first”. I've found that to be completely true. The more time I give myself, the more self-care, the better mom I am, the better wife I am, the better friend I am, the better person I am. It all amounts. When you take care of yourself, it exponentially affects your life in small and big ways. It’s all a mindset! So if you feel like you’re really giving yourself what you need right now, and feel fulfilled, you'll have more energy and a clearer mental state in order to take care of everybody else.

That can be 20 minutes or even 5 minutes. Sometimes, if I have 20 minutes for myself, I’ll do something like a quick meditation, I’ll journal, or I’ll sometimes even have a quick dance party. Those moments can amount to more than going to a full fitness class.

Ease to Wellness (ETW): You’ve always been very open about your marriage, what advice would you give (maybe something you’ve learned) to other women that could help them in their marriage or relationship?

Sophie: I think the best advice I can give is to just become aware that no two people have the same relationship as two other people. Just knowing that your relationship doesn’t have to look like someone else’s relationship. You can create and manifest whatever relationship feels right for you. There is no absolute rule in anything. Write your own rule book. As long as you both feel comfortable and are communicating, being vulnerable, stripping away the layers and showing up for each other, anything is possible. My husband and I have been together for 13 years and our relationship is better now than its ever been because we just keep tweaking the rules.

Ease to Wellness (ETW): Is your life as put together as it looks on Instagram? Tell us a little bit about that.

Sophie: I think Yes and No. It’s put together in terms of the amazing team of people that surround me. I only hang out with the people that help me feel like my best self. They allow me to be seen and allow me to be myself and viceversa.

But there’s also days where everything is falling apart and nothing is going ok. I definitely take on too much and there’s days when we’re late to everything, we miss something important or we’re all in a bad mood. Those are moments that are not captured on social media and I think it’s important to recognize that we all have those off days. But the next day you get to start fresh.

Ease to Wellness (ETW): Run us through your morning routine. Is there something that you keep sacred? Even if you don’t stick to it everyday, is there a specific morning routine that helps you the most?

Sophie: The one thing that shifts my day is not turning on my phone right away. If I don’t look at Instagram or check my emails for the first two hours of being awake, I consider it a winning day! It’s really that simple. When I avoid my phone in the morning, I get to stay in the moment. If I’m on social media, then I’m somewhere else. I think if you would have asked me five years ago, I would have said something as simple as “I have a glass of water with lemon” but honestly, the thing that affects my entire day is those first few moments of either grabbing my phone or not. I get to be really present for my kids, my husband, my dog and myself. I get to come from a place that’s mindful rather than habitual.

It might not be possible everyday, but if you do this at least a couple days a week... I swear it makes a huge difference.

Ease to Wellness (ETW): Do you ever feel anxious or sad? And what do you feel works to help you feel grounded and balanced again?

Sophie: This year is the first year that I experienced extreme anxiety. It’s intense but I think it comes back to staying in the moment and not future-tripping. I allow myself to really tune into what I’m needing in the moment instead of thinking about the next day or even later that evening. Questions like “How am I going to handle that?” pop up and when this happens, I try to bring myself back to the here and now. Calling a friend really helps when I’m feeling anxious or sad, journaling, turning my phone off. But even if you do everything you’re supposed to be doing, you can still have an off day… and just remembering that’s ok, makes you feel lighter.

Ease to Wellness (ETW): Thank you so much for this and we look forward to working with you again! Anything new and exciting coming up for you that you would like to share with our readers?

Sophie: Thank you! Yes, I have a couples retreat coming up in Vail, Colorado. It will be in November! It’s for any couple that wants to take their relationship to the next level. And I’m also a part of a TV show coming out on Zliving Network called Yoga Girls. It comes out September 24th! Hope you guys can watch and connect!

We want to thank Sophie for this piece and for her advice on living authentically! To shop any of the (recommended) Philosophie products or to visit her blog, go to! For daily inspiration and a glimpse into her daily life, follow her on Instagram!

For a delicious Fall Smoothie, we’re sharing a recipe by Sophie using Philosophie products below!

Gather This:

  • 1 cup almond milk

  • 1 frozen banana

  • 2 pluots or persimmons

  • 1 tbsp Green Bee Honey

  • 1 tbsp Coconut Dream Coconut Butter

  • 2 tbsp Berry Bliss

  • 1 tbsp almond butter

  • 1/2 cup organic pumpkin puree

  • 1 tbsp cinnamon

  • 1 tbsp pumpkin pie spice

Do This:

  1. Mix all ingredients in a high-speed blender

  2. Cutting open and scooping out the contents of a pumpkin to use it as your cup is totally optional but highly recommended ;)

By: Dr. Francesca Vazquez

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