6 ways to modernize your kitchen

By: Joanne Smith

Every homeowner dreams of having an updated, modern kitchen with an efficient, well-designed space and high-tech appliances that is easy on the eyes. There is no ready-made template, which gives you the space to let your own taste define what “modern” should look like, be it contemporary, classic, or something in between.

Modern doesn’t necessarily mean new. Fans of the old-fashioned can rejoice because being modern means bringing back old styles once in a while. You can choose to partake in the wildly popular DIY revival or you can make simple bohemian-style upgrades that have nothing to do with technology.

The list below should provide a starting point for your next kitchen upgrade.

1. Consider an industrial style of décor

What’s more modern than an artsy, industrial loft space? While we don’t all live in such homes, we can at least design our kitchen décor to emulate this spacious, minimalist feel. You can go all out by redoing your floor in distressed hardwood and painting your cabinets (and pretty much everything else) in muted grays and browns. You can also pick and choose what to industrialize. Hanging studio lights or hanging bulbs, for example, are a must.

Long shelves of unfinished wood are both easy to install and sufficient for displaying all of your dishware. Finally, finish the setup with some pops of your favorite color (because just about any color under the sun goes with an industrial color scheme).

2. Move your wine collection into a state of the art wine refrigerator

Hobbies mean a lot in our modern lives so it’s important to have the right equipment for your kitchen-related hobbies, including wine collecting! It’s time to move your wine collection out of the door shelf of your refrigerator and into its own home.

Whether you live in a warmer climate or have just amassed a sizeable collection of wines, a wine refrigerator may be the next step for your growing wine collection. These appliances help keep crucial variables including temperature and humidity under control. Having a special place for your wine can help you keep track of your collection. Some of them can even be stored under a counter, including some of these wine refrigerators from KingsBottle.

3. Update your appliances

Embrace the digital age by updating your regular kitchen appliances to “smart” appliances. Depending on your needs, you can replace your fridge with one that allows you to see your grocery stock from your phone, or replace your oven with one that you can pre-heat and turn off remotely by phone.

If your major appliances are still too new to be replaced, you can start with smaller gadgets, such as food scales that coordinate with recipe apps to simplify the cooking process, smart meat thermometers that let your phone know when meat is ready, or even Amazon’s Dash Buttons (which makes ordering food that much easier). These gadgets can simplify the lives of busy cooks or health enthusiasts and streamline your kitchen to your lifestyle.

4. Grow your own herbs

While a lot of the DIY projects circulating on the Internet today are more fun than functional, the age-old art of growing your own herbs is definitely a good balance of both. It’s a good way to both participate in the DIY revival and add some color and life to your kitchen (as well as fresher tastes to your cooking).

Common cooking herbs including basil, chive, ginger, oregano and parsley can all be planted easily indoors. You can also grow your own catnip. Adopt some pre-potted herbs from a grocery store, or plant your own from scratch in a DIY planter. After mastering the art of growing herbs, feel free to expand your expertise into growing vegetables and fruits indoors, too!

5. Install a chalkboard wall

Up the bohemian factor of the space with a simple chalkboard wall, which will not only satisfy that urge to draw on walls, but also add some variance to the color scheme of the walls and serve a variety of practical purposes. Write notes to your family or roommates. Jot down chore schedules or grocery needs and eliminate those easily misplaced sticky notes and phone memos. Draw stick people portraits of the family. This should be a relatively simple décor update, and lead to boundless fun for all ages. You can buy inexpensive stick-on chalkboard sheets or even paint your own.

6. Go the designer route

Finally, choose pieces for your kitchen that double as works of modern design. Assembly lines and uniformity were exciting and modern at one point, but nowadays, independent designers who build streamlined objects with high aesthetic appeal have the floor. Support these artists and unleash your inner art connoisseur by replacing your old kitchen supplies with interesting pieces that please your eye.

If you’re more of a utilitarian, you might prefer more practical designs such as this color-coded cutting board that can help prevent cross-contamination. While tools like these do tend to be more pricey than their generic counterparts, the extra cost is worth the love and expertise that these designers put into their work. Not to mention the compliments you’ll get and the spark of excitement you’ll feel each time you see or use these quirky, playful tools!

No matter what you decide to do to modernize your kitchen, remember that a big part of being “modern” is individualism. Find the décor advice that pertains to your unique tastes and needs, and build up your kitchen décor theme from there!

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Joanne Smith is a Southern California freelance writer who has been blogging about DIY home improvement for nearly 10 years. When she’s not updating her Pinterest boards, she’s usually hiking in the hills around her San Diego home.

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