4 changes resulting from the Whole Foods-Amazon merge

Whole Foods is a farmer friendly market with the mission of improving health habits and supporting high quality organic and nutrient dense foods. And in case you haven't heard... Amazon bought it for a mere $14 billion dollars! Whole Foods is one of the top leaders in the health food industry and by partnering up with Amazon, a whole lot is being updated and improved! These changes are starting a lot sooner than you would expect... as in Monday (August 28).

These are the 4 (rapid) changes you may expect from this (nothing less than) amazing merge:

1. Price Cuts

The CEO of Amazon Worldwide Consumer, Jeff Wilke, has said that they're determined to make healthy food affordable. Organic food shouldn't be available to the privileged few, but to everyone. You should expect reduced pricing on popular food items, including avocados, almond butter, apples, bananas, salmon, and greens. Price cuts start on August 28th! Looks like the days of a $100 tab for 8 items are soon to be long-gone!

2. Quality will remain the same

Just because the prices are about to go (way) down, the quality and standards will not. The CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey, assured that by partnering up with Amazon they were able to lower prices while still managing to maintain Whole Food's high quality, organic foods.

3. Even greater prices for Amazon Prime members

If you're a member of Amazon Prime, you'll get additional discounts! The start of this benefit date has not been shared yet but we should expect it to pop-up anytime this fall.

4. Products will be available on Amazon.com

And as if these weren't enough, we'll soon be able to shop from Whole Foods the same way we shop at Amazon. Quick, hassle-free, same day delivery! Looks like you no longer have to live near a Whole Foods Market!

Photo Source: Whole Foods Market

By: Editor, Dr. Francesca Vazquez

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