5 steps for a more Zen home

By: Dr. Francesca Vazquez

Our home environment can either do wonders for our mental state or derail it completely. It is where we come to at the end of the day and where we probably spend most of our time. Creating a home that feels safe and promotes healing, peace, and tranquility is one of the most important elements in the life we design for ourselves.

To create a “zen” state in your home, make sure to follow these 5 “stress-free" home advice:

1. Add Plants

The sight of nature has a profound effect on our internal state. By bringing elements of nature (like plants & succulents) into your home, you’re automatically making the space inviting and more likely to create a stress free environment. Plants promote relaxation and create a relaxing atmosphere in the home.

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2. Light Candles

Candles around the home can serve as decorative pieces. They can be bought with scents you find calming and lighting them can become a ritual to bring your energy levels down, relax the mind, and warm up the space. Place some on your coffee table or bedside table. When the sun sets (or when spending a day relaxing at home), choose to light candles to promote relaxation.

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3. De-clutter

A cluttered environment can make way for a cluttered mind, and vice-versa. One quick way to de-stress is to modify your surroundings. At home, this can be done by removing clutter from the counter-tops, reducing stimulation, organizing, and removing unnecessary items.

Source: Interior Concept

4. Make the bed

One of the habits shared by many successful people is making the bed. This is the first accomplishment of the day. And even when you've had a horrible day, coming home to a tidy bed somehow makes you feel better. Your bedroom is your space to un-plug and decompress. Making the bed makes you feel like you have part of your life together and makes bedtime that much more appealing.

Source: The EveryGirl

5. Use neutral colors & textures

Cool colors such as blue, green, white and grey, have been found to create a calming response in the body. Choose neutral colors for the walls, furniture pieces and throws. By adding textures through the incorporation of blankets, rugs, throw pillows and wall art, you bring dimension and therefore, a more relaxing environment. Don’t be afraid to combine different patterns and textures to give the space a bit of a boost.

Source: Victoria Balson Interiors

By following these 5 quick steps, you will quickly notice a difference in your energy and mental state. We are used to moving quickly through our day so creating the right atmosphere where we spend most of our time is a key step for achieving a perfectly balanced lifestyle.

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