Top 4 summer skin care rules (according to a dermatologist)

By: Dr. Francesca Vazquez

Knowing who to listen to and choosing someone with the right education and experience is key when it comes to treating our mental and physical health. We need an expert's advice. Just like our liver, heart and lungs need proper care, so does our skin (the largest organ in the body). Skin care is not just about beauty or anti-aging, but also about disease prevention and whole body wellness.

We reached out to board certified dermatologist, Dr. Jaime Villa, who gave us his top 4 tips for proper skin care, especially during summer months. Read up on his advice below!

1. Apply, then reapply

According to Dr. Villa, "It's not just about applying sunscreen, but about reapplying every two to three hours. During the months of July & August, we tend to sweat a lot more due to humidity and the heat. We also spend endless hours in the ocean and pool. This prolonged sweating and bathing requires us to reapply throughout the day." Dr. Villa also shared that most people forget to apply sunscreen on the ears, sides/back of the neck and top of the hands.

"These 3 areas in particular are usually exposed to the sun on a constant basis, accelerating aging and increasing risk for skin cancer." Try to apply (and re-apply) sunscreen on all key areas, including the face, neck, hands and ears.

2. Opt for mineral sunscreen

"Don't choose any sunscreen, opt for one that is mineral based. Mineral based sunscreen typically contains titanium oxide and essential minerals for the skin. Choose one with 12% concentration. Avoid chemical sunscreen, which usually contains oxybenzone and avobenzone, two ingredients that can cause allergies and are not ideal for the health of our skin and other organs." To shop a great mineral sunscreen option, visit our article on Beach Essentials.

3. Hydrate

"Sun exposure and sweat causes dehydration, two factors that accelerate aging and diminish skin elasticity. Make sure to drink water and consume foods known to aid in hydration, such as cucumbers and watermelon."

4. Include foods high in antioxidants in your daily diet

"Optimize your nutrition by including foods with high levels of antioxidants and essential vitamins. Sun damage generates free radicals in the skin, damaging cells and increasing risk for developing skin cancer. However, antioxidants neutralize free radicals, diminishing the adverse effects of the sun. Some foods with high levels of antioxidants include green tea, berries, tomatoes, carrots, yellow bell peppers, dark chocolate, and grapes." Foods high in Vitamin C & E also have a potent effect on preventing skin damage and aging. Among these foods, you can find almonds, lemons, kiwis, peaches, and mixed greens. You can also choose a good quality supplement.

Follow these tips to improve the health and appearance of your skin while diminishing the effects of the sun during these hot summer months!

We want to thank Dr. Jaime Villa for collaborating with Ease To Wellness for this piece. To contact Dr. Villa or shop his recommended products, visit his website here.

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