Ex-beauty queen's tips for healthy living. Ft. Adriana Dorn

By: Editor, Dr. Francesca Vazquez

Adriana Dorn is an ex-beauty queen from Nicaragua. She was crowned Miss Nicaragua in 2011 and represented her home country at the Miss Universe Pageant held in Brazil that same year, obtaining a position among the top 20 finalists. Since then, she got married, had a baby girl, became an influencer and launched her own beauty company! She is all about healthy living, natural beauty, family, and good vibes. Her energy is contagious and her presence is undeniable, no matter where she goes. She is based in Managua, Nicaragua and today, she shares her secrets for staying fit, happy and beautiful while giving us a glimpse into her daily life and favorite healthy spots in her hometown!

Get to know a bit more about this ex-beauty queen below!

1. You were Miss Nicaragua in 2011, tell us about how this experience helped you become the person you are today. This experience completely changed my life. Before winning, I was working in an office from 7am to 6pm. My work consisted in sitting in a cubicle behind a computer but I loved it. When I finished my year as Miss Nicaragua, I went back to the same job and felt lost. I felt empty. I didn't want to sit behind a computer anymore, I wanted something more. I slowly became an influencer and opened my own Makeup and Beauty Store called Face It. It allows me to choose my own working hours; I get to do a little bit of everything and I get to spend a lot of time with my family. 2. What would you say is the most memorable experience about being a part of the Miss Universe beauty pageant in Brazil back in 2011? It was very emotional for me. I was living a dream. I wanted to be on that stage since I was eight years old. I would tell my parents all the time that someday I was going to represent Nicaragua in Miss Universe. One of the things that I loved from that experience was feeling the love and support from my country. It was very overwhelming but beautiful at the same time. I wasn't only living my dream, I was living other people's dream of seeing Nicaragua in the top spots. Another memorable experience was working with award-winning professionals. For example, the choreographers were Britney Spears' back up dancers, the director had just won an Emmy that month, the runway coach was a very famous supermodel, the main photographer of the pageant shoots covers for Vogue, Cosmopolitan etc.. So for me it was just about learning from the best. 3. How did you get in shape for the pageant back then? I wish I would have known back then what I know today about fitness. I went on a very extreme and unsustainable diet because I had to lose weight fast. I eliminated carbs like bread, pasta, rice, tortilla and potatoes. I basically ate grilled chicken or fish with salad or steamed vegetables everyday. I did this diet for almost 8 months. I did a lot of strength training and cardio. My fitness routine was great, I had (and still have) an amazing coach, but my diet was just way off. I had to read a lot. I was basically self taught and It wasn't until two months before the Miss Universe pageant that I changed my diet so that I could gain muscle and the results that I wanted started showing. I didn't want to look slim, I wanted to look in shape. I wanted to look strong and healthy.

4. How do you stay in shape now? Now I do a little bit of everything. I go to the gym twice a week, yoga once a week and barre class once or twice a week. I also started jogging around my neighborhood once a week. My diet is completely different, I'm not competing so I am more flexible with what I eat, but I love vegetarian and vegan food which I now incorporate once in a while in my daily diet. I'm a sugar addict so I have my desserts on the weekend.

5. Is there any particular technique you use when you need ​to get in top shape (fast) for an upcoming photo shoot? Yes, 10 days before a very important shoot I do the extreme diet I talked about in the beginning. I eliminate carbs (bread, pasta, rice, potatoes) and sugar. But now I can't go more than 10 days doing that diet or I'll go crazy [haha]! 6. What are your favorite types of exercise? [Mmm] this is a hard question. I can tell you that I HATE burpees and lunges. I also hate doing sports out in the sun. The rest I like.

7. How would you describe your nutritional habits? Do you follow a specific diet or do you consume everything in moderation? I consume everything in moderation. I eat really well and clean Monday through Friday, but on the weekends I'll have my hot wings with fries and chocolate cake! Talk about looking forward to the weekend!

8. What are your favorite go-to health foods? I love quinoa, sweet potatoes, brown rice cakes, chia, moringa, cashews, oatmeal, almond butter and salmon. 9. What do you like to snack on? I'm currently snacking on homemade popcorn, Chia pudding with Blueberries, pistachios, pears, and brown rice cake with almond butter.

10. You are currently in the beauty industry, what beauty tips can you give us? Wear sunscreen, drink lots of water, don't wear makeup everyday, wash and hydrate your face twice a a day, get a massage at least once a week, exercise and go on vacation at least twice a year. You have to be relaxed and happy; happy people are definitely the prettiest.

11. Are there any particular foods or health habits that you find to be the most powerful for boosting natural beauty? When I eliminate sugar and dairy from my diet I NEVER break out. Once I start eating lots of sugar, pimples start making their royal debut [haha]. I also see a huge difference in my skin when I drink lots of water, it looks nice and plump. I really want to install a water filter in my shower head, I've heard that showering with filtered water makes your skin look amazing. 12. You are a mom, what recommendations would you give to other women looking to balance their role as a mother and trying to stay fit, healthy and balanced at the same time? PATIENCE. I would tell them to be mentally prepared because the first five months post-partum are all about the baby. They require so much attention that it can be overwhelming, but it's not forever, although it might feel like it. Try to eat healthy and don't be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help. Ask your mom, sister, aunt, best friend if they can take care of the baby for an hour or two so that you can squeeze in a work out. Then as the baby grows it starts getting easier and you will find a routine that works with your new lifestyle. 13. How do you find balance? Any recommendations for unwinding, self-care strategies? Ever since Victoria (my daughter) started day care (from 8am to 12pm), I make sure that time is for me. I go to the gym, yoga or Barre Class, I get a massage, go to the salon etc... I'm also blessed that I live very close to my parents and that my mother-in-law lives with us. This allows me to go eat a romantic dinner with my husband once a week, or have a fun lunch with my girlfriends while they take care of Victoria.

13. Tell us a little bit about any upcoming projects and what you're looking forward to in the next coming year? What can we expect? My goal is to expand my Makeup Store. Business has been going great and I want to do more with it. On a more personal note, I also wish to expand my family, hopefully next year there will me a new member in the family.

Now for our readers in Nicaragua, 15. What are your favorite go-to fitness studios or gyms in Managua? I just started going to Balance Barre Studio. I am hooked! It's an amazing total body workout, I highly recommend it. 16. What are your favorite health food spots in Managua? Ola Verde is definitely one of them. It's a restaurant that offers healthy organic dishes and products. But aside from that, it's a restaurant that has a big sense of social responsibility. The owner does a lot for rural communities in the country. I also like a place called Kaya Goodness where you can find Detox smoothies and Smoothie Bowls. 17. What is your favorite "stay-cation" spot in Nicaragua? I love going to my beach house every two months or so in San Juan del Sur, but I love going up north where it's nice and cold, to Mátagalpa or Esteli. The weather is just delish.

Thank you to Adriana Dorn for collaborating with Ease To Wellness for this piece. To learn more about her or to follow her daily life, you can like her page on Facebook!

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