5 Natural Anti-Aging Remedies

By: Danica Barr

The effects of aging among women go beyond the fine lines that slowly creep in while we’re busy with our daily lives. Many women scramble for quick fixes ranging from makeup to skin care, all the way to surgeries.

The most common anti-aging treatment today is the Botulinum Toxin Type A or Botox with over 6.7 million procedures done in 2015 alone. This treatment, with a staggering price tag of over $1200 in some states, is useful in countering “dynamic” wrinkles found between the eyebrows and other areas.

The good news is, you can get a youthful look without breaking the bank or recurring to injections. Although we're not saying you shouldn't recur to botox, we do believe it's not the only answer to achieve a youthful skin.

The following techniques are safe and proven effective. They have been used for centuries in some parts of the globe, and best of all, they only require little tweaks in your diet and lifestyle. Follow the following 4 lifestyle tips to prevent premature aging and achieve natural beauty:

1. Eat the Mediterranean way

For people living in Mediterranean countries like Italy or Spain, a quality dining experience is more than the sumptuous food – it’s a lifestyle. Their heart-healthy diet, which consists mostly of cold-water fish, greens, and berries (and wine!), has been proven to improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels, among others.

This diet took the beauty route when Dr. Perricone designed a three-day nutritional face lift: According to him, inflammation at a cellular level is what causes the acceleration of aging and the development of other age-related illnesses. You can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and keep your heart healthy by adopting an omega-3-rich diet.

Aside from drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day to stay hydrated, you should replace your lunch and dinner menu with salmon or any cold-water fish, green salad with lemon and olive oil dressing, and berries instead of a sweet dessert.

By the end of the drastic diet, you will surely look and feel young from the inside out.

2. Detoxify

Our daily stresses and unhealthy habits hit the hardest on our internal organs and skin. If we keep feeding our body with unhealthy foods like those high in sugar and preservatives, we are more likely to develop food sensitivity leading to the development of a full-blown neurodegenerative disorder like Parkinson’s and ALS, and other chronic and infectious illnesses. This inflammation can also lead to premature aging.

If you find yourself having persistent joint pains, constipation, hormonal imbalance and other irregularities, you might want to cut back on sugars and go for fresh fruit and vegetable juices, or just good ole water.

If you’re determined to get a full-body cleanse, the best place to start off is the liver. A healthy detox will give your skin a natural glow and decrease skin pigmentation. Skip processed foods for a few weeks and only choose organic chicken and turkey, make a fun juice out of your favorite vegetables, and pack on potassium with beans and bananas.

3. Try Transcendental Meditation

When you live in a state of constant anxiety, a simple meditation can be a real challenge. Stress and anxiety leads to frown lines and something as simple as de-stressing will do wonders for your skin. Meditation is probably one of the most science backed ways to manage stress and anxiety, ultimately becoming effective as an anti-aging remedy. Transcendental meditation (TM), especially, can be the closest thing to deep focus. Unlike other meditations though, TM requires you to enroll in a 7-step course of instruction to ensure you’re doing it right and you fully understand the reasoning behind this simple calming technique.

By closing your eyes and focusing your attention on a mantra or a meaningless sound for 20 minutes a day, you will reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke, a more positive mindset, glowing appearance and an overall improved quality of life.

4. Traditional Chinese Medicine

If there’s someone who knows the secret to longevity and anti-aging, that someone is most probably a Chinese practicing traditional medicine. TCM has been around and continuously perfected for centuries, and if you’re not sure if you can take long needles at specific points in your body, you can always begin with foods and herbs to improve meridian balance and skin care.

Unlike western medicine that treats specific conditions, TCM is more of a holistic experience. But you don’t need to ditch your western ways to reap the benefits of this ancient method; you can have the best of both worlds in an integrated program developed by The YinOva Center Acupuncture Clinic director Dr. Jill Blakeway. The Yinova Method is a fusion of the East and West and the old and new; it features a custom-made herbal formula that addresses all your health concerns and promotes harmony in and out of your body.

To maintain wellness and graceful aging, you should begin by replenishing your kidney energy by integrating dark, leafy vegetables, soybeans, nuts, seaweed, ginseng, lychee nut, and Rehmannia root into your diet. Also, practicing mindfulness meditation like Tai Chi and Falun Dafa will surely give you the youthful energy and aura that Asian women are known for.

5. Integrate Organic skin care and makeup into your beauty routine

Thanks to overachieving Korean skin care products, health, and beauty brands around the world have been infusing more natural ingredients into their innovations than ever before. Because of this, the quality and effect of natural beauty products have significantly improved, drastically reducing cases of irritation even to the most sensitive of skins.

One of the best-kept secrets on the opposite side of the world is coconut oil. Well, it’s not so secret anymore as we over here have been using it as the ultimate problem-solver: it can be used as a moisturizer for skin and hair, internal cleanser, cooking oil, soothing salve, diaper cream, toothpaste—the possibilities are endless! If you decided to get rid of chemically-derived items in your vanity and your home, get you a multitasker that can go both ways.

To achieve optimal results, you can overhaul your skin care and makeup routine one organic product at a time. You can find them in all forms, sizes, and intensity in K-beauty stores and boost their effect by piling them on in the right sequence as in the Korean skin care playbook.

In all the lengths we’re willing to take in the name of youth, the key to a healthy skin that won’t give away our real age is prevention. You are never too young or too old to cultivate healthy habits, especially in preparation for aging, a natural phase of life. More importantly, you can’t fix all of your beauty and wellness woes with just one magical product. Graceful aging and a high quality of life are the culmination of all the things we do every day. You have to ask yourself every time: Is this product/habit/decision going to improve my life? The answer will always manifest itself.

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