Where to practice yoga in South Beach - Miami

Tropical Vinyasa

Miami is a hot spot for yoga and fitness! There are studios all over the city with amazing vibes and incredible teachers. We are listing our favorites in South Beach today! Find them below!

1. Tropical Vinyasa

Tropical Vinyasa is a boutique yoga studio located in Sunset Harbor in Miami Beach. The style of yoga is solely vinyasa and its owner, Amy Dannheim, is an absolute inspiration. Some of their yoga classes have live DJs, setting the tone and beats for the class. The energy is contagious and you'll be coming back for more every week! We recommend classes with Amy Dannheim, Carolina Russ, Dani Battistini, Paul Toliuszis, and Mike Dannheim!

Tropical Vinyasa

2. Green Monkey Yoga

Green Monkey is an absolute staple in the Miami yoga scene. Their new studio in Sunset Harbor (located on the 2nd floor of the building on Bay road) is breath taking, with surround glass windows and intense sweat sessions. We love that they include a variety of different yoga styles, including restorative yoga, power yoga, vinyasa yoga, and meditation classes. We recommend vinyasa yoga classes with Paula Walker, Beth Ogden, Marissa Lew, and Jessie Potter.

Green Monkey Yoga

3. Modo Yoga

Modo Yoga is the new studio on the block. It is located in Sunset Harbor and is one of a series of yoga studios located in Los Angeles , New York, Seattle, etc. Their yoga style combines a signature hatha-based series with the precision of therapeutic yoga. This practice is done in a heated room, improving flexibility and helping detoxify the body. They also have vinyasa style yoga classes, making it accessible to anyone! Get ready to sweat! We recommend classes with the co-founder of Modo Yoga Miami Beach, Michelle Critch-Gilfillan.

Modo Yoga Miami

4. Miami Life Center

Miami Life Center is the best place for Ashtanga Yoga in all of Miami (and we dare to say it is probably one of the top 5 Ashtanga yoga studios in the country!). It is located on the south side of 6th street, in between Meridian Ave and Euclid Ave on South Beach. The owners, Tim Feldmann and his wife Kino MacGregor, are pioneers in the yoga business and founded this studio in 2006. They are both incredible yoga teachers and we strongly recommend their classes and workshops to anyone looking to deepen their practice.

Miami Life Center

By: Editor, Dr. Francesca Vazquez

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