Detox Summer Popsicles - Recipe

By: Dr. Francesca Vazquez

Detox Green Popsicles

It's 100 degrees out and at least in Miami & Puerto Rico, we're ready for temperatures to start dropping! Summer days are meant for dinners in the outdoor terrace, long days at the beach, and, at least on our book, frozen treats. We've created the ultimate green smoothie recipe then gave it an extra boost: we froze it, into popsicles!

These are not your typically high sugar, fructose syrup rich pops you used to enjoy throughout your childhood. These are leveled up... they're nutrient dense and have detoxifying properties, so feel free to have 2-3 at a time! They're hydrating and have key nutrients for flushing out toxins and feeling our best!


Coconut Water - Hydrating and replenishes electrolytes

Spinach - Rich in Magnesium, calming the nervous system and helping manage stress

Banana - Rich in Potassium, improving metabolism and nervous system function

Kiwis - rich in vitamin C, anti-aging properties and stress reduction

Pineapple - decreases inflammation and improves skin

Ginger - boosts immunity

Chia Seeds - high in Omega 3's, protecting against depression and boosting brain health

Lemon - promotes a healthy digestive system

We made enough for 8! Find the recipe below!


-1 cup coconut water

-1 cup fresh spinach

-1 banana

-2 kiwis

-1/2 cup pineapple

-1 tsp grated ginger

-1 tsp chia seeds

-1 lemon


1. Blend the Coconut Water, spinach, and pineapple until smooth.

2. Add in the banana, 1 kiwi, honey, ginger and chia seeds. Blend.

3. Squeeze the juice of a lemon into the mix.

3. Peel the 2nd kiwi and cut into thin slices.

4. Place two slices into each popsicle mold, before pouring in the green smoothie mix.

5. Fill each mold to the top with the green smoothie mix.

6. Freeze for at least 5 hours.

7. Enjoy!

frozen green smoothie popsicles

For this recipe, we got inspired by Live Eat Learn! They are the source of our photographs above. The recipe above, however, was created by Ease to Wellness.

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