What is AromaTouch and 3 reasons why you should give it a try

By: Dr. Francesca Vazquez

There seems to be a new self-care and wellness trend pop-up everyday now. Even for those in the wellness industry, it can be hard to keep up! There's one in particular that has not yet been distributed among the masses and is known as AromaTouch.

AromaTouch is a wellness strategy (by DoTerra) gaining popularity due to its immense positive effects on the mind and body. It combines the benefits of massage therapy, essential oils, reflexology and aromatherapy into one unique modality capable of completely balancing our nervous system and emotional state.

Our autonomic nervous system is comprised of the sympathetic (in charge of the stress response) and parasympathetic (in charge of the relaxation response) nervous system. These systems are what control body functions such as the heart rate, our blood pressure, and our breathing rate. Research in psychology and neuroscience suggests that chronic stress can create an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system (ANS), with decreased parasympathetic activity and increased sympathetic nervous system activity. This ANS imbalance can lower our chances of achieving optimal health, making strategies for bringing back equilibrium that more important. By practicing self-care techniques such as massage, yoga, and meditation, we get closer to achieving a more stable and balanced nervous system.

As with everything, some techniques are more powerful than others. Typically, how well a technique works depends on a person's likes/dislikes, personality and his or her current functioning. AromaTouch is one that could be effective with just about anyone willing to give it a try. It might be just what you need to combat the effects of stress and regain mental and emotional clarity.

Here are the 3 main reasons why you should give it a try:

1. Massage

AromaTouch incorporates gentle massage in key areas: back, shoulders, neck, head, hands, and feet. The touch is gentle and is able to loosen tight areas generally affected by stress. With gentle massage in tense areas due to stress, our nervous system is able to respond quickly. It helps move the lymphatic system, improving our overall mind-body wellness.

2. Aromatherapy

The use of essential oils and aromatherapy is what distinguishes AromaTouch and sets it apart from regular massage therapy. The essential oil combinations that are used are known for their calming effects. They are distributed on the spine and soles of the feet, areas in the body thought to better absorb oils (increasing their effectiveness). AromaTouch combines the following essential oils: Lavender, Cypress, Peppermint, Marjoram, Basil and Grapefruit.

3. Reflexology

AromaTouch combines massage therapy and aromatherapy while also incorporating techniques from reflexology. During AromaTouch, massage is provided in specific pressure points in the hands, feet and ears. These pressure points are thought to aid in relaxation and further accelerate the ability to bring back a sense of equilibrium in our autonomic nervous system.

AromaTouch is an excellent way to fight inflammation and minimize the effects of stress and environmental toxins on our mind and body. By incorporating different self-care strategies, we are more able to improve our emotional state and overall health, becoming an essential aspect in our wellness regime.

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