10 things to do on your next trip to the trendiest wellness destination: Tulum, Mexico

By: Dr. Francesca Vazquez

Tulum is probably one of the trendiest (and most instagram worthy) wellness destinations in the western hemisphere. It has been getting all the rave lately...and with good reason. It has quickly become the ultimate wellness destination and heaven for all wellness, yoga, smoothie, margarita, and guacamole lovers. It's a small town on the coast of Mexico, about an hour and 45 minutes from Cancun International Airport. It's mostly known for the Mayan Ruins and for the beautiful "cenotes" located in its vicinities. If you ask around, most people will tell you to stay in Playa del Carmen and just take a quick day trip to the ruins and beach in Tulum. On our book, however, you're better off doing it the other way around.

Tulum had gone under the radar for quite some time. It wasn't until the past 3-5 years that it became a hot spot for travelers, mostly those seeking the perfect place to retreat from modern day life. When you drive into Tulum (past the ruins and into the road boarding the white sandy beach) you quickly become mesmerized and enticed by its unique style, road side boutiques, pristine beaches and picturesque charm. It is unlike any other place you've been. It is made for morning yoga, sunset drinks, bike rides, dark tans, heavenly restaurants, and mayan clay spas. If that's your jam, then put Tulum on your bucket list. Right now. It won't disappoint.

Here are 10 things you absolutely have to do on your next trip to Tulum:

1. Rent bicycles for the entire trip

Most hotels provide bikes for their guests and if not, there are many places that rent them for $10/day. Make this your mode of travel throughout your trip. Everything on the coast is close by and the small details, juice spots and boutiques will be easier to pin-point while biking.

Source: The Beach People

2. Practice yoga at Yaan Wellness Spa

Yaan Wellness Spa is located right in front of Be Tulum Hotel. It is a wellness center with an amazing spa and yoga deck overlooking the jungle. They provide hatha and vinyasa yoga classes in the morning and afternoon. You can also practice yoga at different hotels, overlooking the beach or in one of the many other yoga studios in town.

3. Get a massage either at Yaan Wellness Spa or Mayan Clay Spa.

Try to book a massage at either Yaan Wellness Spa or Mayan Clay Spa, both located on the main road bordering the ocean. Mayan Clay Spa specializes in clay baths while Yaan Wellness Spa has amazing couples massage options.

4. Get a smoothie bowl at Raw Love.

Tulum has the most amazing health food spots. You will find the best acai bowls and smoothies at Raw Love, a laid back spot with hip vibes. The items on their menu are perfect for a mid-afternoon snack after lounging on the beach.

Source: Kairos Kollective

5. Have lunch in one of the top beachfront hotels.

Have lunch at Casa Violeta (best food, overlooking the ocean!), Euphemia, or Nomade Hotel. Nomade Hotel is a luxury, eco-hotel, with beautiful laid-back vibes, Moroccan rugs, poufs and lanterns. Euphemia is a great spot for tacos on the beach. There is vibrant energy and it is usually packed!

Source: Lemon Stripes

6. Don't leave empty handed.

While exploring Tulum, you will come upon the most picturesque boutiques. Make sure you purchase something that forever reminds you of the way you felt while staying in Tulum. You will find locally made jewelry, unique cover-ups, bikinis, high end brands and so many panama hats, you'll likely go home with a few. Some of the top boutiques include the shop in Posada Margherita, Lolita Lolita, and Wanderlust. Some shops' names are unidentified. Park your bike and wander in.

7. Eat & drink at Tulum's best restaurants.

There are too many (A+) restaurants to mention them all. Among the most popular ones, you'll find Gitano, Hartwood, Posada Margarita, Casa Jaguar, Arca, Restaurare, and Ocumare. There are vegetarian and vegan options at every single restaurant!

8. Visit Casa Malca & admire the modern art work

Casa Malca is Pablo Escobar's former mansion and has now been transformed into a hotel. The lay-out of the home is still intact and the buyer purchased the home will all of the original, modern artwork. The place is a bit hard to find. There are no signs reading "Casa Malca" on the exterior but it is located on the more quiet, southern end of Tulum (right past Nomade Hotel).

Source: Dezeen

9. Visit the Mayan Ruins

Try to visit the ruins early in the morning, before the crowds arrive (8am). Spend an hour or so exploring the grounds and take a dip in the ocean to cool off.

Source: Vanilla Sky

10. And of course, spend endless hours laying by the beach and enjoying the Mexican sun!

The beach is calm and turquoise blue. It is never crowded and on a good day (meaning no wind), you can rent paddle boards and kayaks. Bring a carry on bag filled with bikinis, cover-ups, sunblock, leather sandals and yoga pants. It's all you will ever need.

By: Dr. Francesca Vazquez

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