Tribal Hotel - A Bohemian-Chic Gem in Granada, Nicaragua.

By: Dr. Francesca Vazquez

Just 45 minutes outside of Managua, Nicaragua, you will find everyone's bohemian-chic dream (if you're into organic linens, mediterranean architecture, and a bohemian with a touch of minimalism decor). It's not everyday that you get to sleep in a suite overlooking a terrace full of banana palm trees, lighted candles and a pool so perfect you might actually consider trading in your suite for a spot on the lounge chairs.

Lounge music comes on at sun-down and you can find yourself sipping cocktails or a cold pressed juice by the pool and taking a swim (mainly to cool off from the heat but also to make sure you fully experience this tiny gem).

Tribal Hotel is less like a hotel and more like a taste of what it would feel to live in the mediterranean home of your dreams, with breakfast brought to your private terrace and bathrobes so beautiful, you actually consider taking them home (but you don't).

The decor in the lobby and terrace is eclectic and worldly (is that even a word?), filled with African rugs, Moroccan lanterns, distinctive furnishings from Spain, rich textures brought in from Turkey, and coffee tables that look like a piece of wood was recently cut right outside the city and elegantly carved into place. It feels like you're experiencing the home of a world traveler. Hundreds of candles are intentionally set around the pool and corners of the lobby while travel and fashion magazines are stacked on the wicker seats.

It feels personal, serene, luxurious, and you may never want to leave.

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Photographs above by Tribal Hotel

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