9 Tips for a Magazine Worthy, Modern Bohemian Home

By: Dr. Francesca Vazquez

Living well is a lifestyle. It is comprised of much more than just the fitness studios we visit, our eating habits and the relationships we keep. It also entails the way we move, the way we dress, and the way we feel in our homes. Our home is probably the place where we spend the most time in and should be a reflection of our personal style, aspirations and passions. The books you keep, the decor you choose to display, the furniture you lounge on, the pictures you hang on the walls... it all gives away the story of your life. Surround yourself only with what you believe to be useful or beautiful. Discard the rest. We found inspiration in this perfect modern-bohemian home. Photos provided by Michelle Janeen.

Below are tips (and mayor home inspo) for making your home modern, boho, and magazine worthy:

1. Use white backdrops. By painting your walls white, you are able to play a lot more with what you decide to display on the walls. Decor and furniture pops against a white backdrop and, if you choose to have a statement wall (with a fun wallpaper or design), it won't overpower the rest of the design in your home.

1. Use neutral colored furniture. By using white, light grey, beige or any color along those lines, you get to have a lot of creative freedom when it comes to decor. Plus, it is likely that your style will evolve overtime so choosing your investment pieces (such as the sofa) in a neutral color makes it worth the money. By having neutral pieces, you are able to switch out items without having to worry if it will look good or not. Statement pieces stand out more and it makes small spaces seem larger.

2. Use Warm Wooden Surfaces. Using different tones of wood and combining different wooden shades gives depth and warmth to a space. If gives you the sense of being in a natural environment and tends to bring in feelings of serenity and relaxation. Displaying wooden kitchen utensils, cutting boards, and trays as decor makes the space feel cozy and perfectly imperfect.

3. Use Rich Textures & Tones. Here is where you really get to express your unique styling or the vibes you're in the mood for this season.Use textured pillows, throws, rugs and blankets. Mix and match patterns that speak to you and have fun with it. These are things you can always switch in and out, whenever you need a change in look. You can choose to use neutral pieces here as well ( such as jute rugs), just make sure there is texture and small details that make them stand out (fringe, tassles, pom-poms, patterns).

3. Simple Walls with shelving & personal style in artwork and decor. Use shelves to bring depth into the white walls. Display pieces you love and have sentimental value. Place pictures and wall art that goes with the look you're looking to bring into your space. Use chalkboards in some corners, if you're looking to add a playful concept to your home.

4. Use mirrors to bring in light and make the space seem larger. Mirrors are an excellent statement piece and you can choose to use a round one (like the one below) above your sofa, entry way or in your work or reading nook. Mix and match picture frames, artwork & mirrors to create a contemporary home but with an artistic and personalized ambience. Full length mirrors are another beautiful way to create depth in your home.

5. Have a lot of Indoor Plants. This is key. You can't have a modern - boho home without adding in greenery. Bring the outdoors in and use baskets and wooden vases as pots. Plants such as fig trees and banana palm trees give any home a fresh look. You can place succulents on the shelves, a small herb garden in the kitchen, and use leaves instead of flowers in vases.

6. Clutter free shelves & table tops. When it comes to modern-bohemian, less is best. Don't over crowd your space or place too many items on your tabletops, shelves or coffee table. Only display books you connect with, items, picture frames, and art work you love. Don't succumb to the tendency to fill every small corner or empty vase in our home. Keep it simple. For a modern-bohemian home, less is always best.

7. Use flowers to add pops of color to your space. Place them on your counter top or entry way. Display them on your vanity or side tables. These details really make the difference when it comes to making your space feel cozy and beautiful.

8. Make your bedroom a haven for relaxation. This is the space you unwind. Eliminate desks, computers, treadmills and clutter from the bedroom, making colors light and airy. Don't think twice about adding plants and feel free to incorporate a beautiful patterned-rug at the foot of the bed. Add black-out curtains, candles and pillows. If space allows, add a small armchair to create a cozy reading nook. Watch how Michelle, from michelle_janeen adds touches of black to her decor, adding depth and an edge to the bedroom.

9. Finalize by adding unique touches, such as soaps in the guest bathroom, bottles of water in the bedroom, and using unique accents (such as baskets and candles) to create an inviting atmosphere.

Thank you to San Diego home decorator, Michelle Janeen for collaborating with us for this piece. For more pictures of the home featured above, visit & follow her instagram account : here

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