Welcome to EASE TO WELLNESS! We are a lifestyle website focusing on daily finds, health, natural beauty & all around wellbeing, giving you the tools and daily inspiration for living a balanced life.


We are based in Miami, the new hot-spot for healthy living, fitness, mindful lifestyle and tropical vibes. Aside from our articles, we shine light on amazing people, places, while creating wellness events of our own! 


We welcome qualified contributors to share knowledge on their area of expertise or give us a glimpse into their inspiring lives, homes, and daily grinds! 

Initially founded as a wellness event planning company by

Dr. Francesca Vazquez (health psychologist, wellness writer and yoga instructor) in 2016, Ease to Wellness has evolved and blossomed into an online destination and a daily source of inspiration for healthier living.


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Above: Founder, Dr. Francesca Vazquez